Macrowine 2020
Dear Colleagues,
the ongoing issues associated with the Covid-19 emergency in Italy and other countries worldwide have forced us to reconsider the plans related to the Macrowine 2020 conference to be held in Verona in June.
The possibility to move the conference later in the year was considered but discarded due to the high unpredictability of the situation over such short period of time.
In an effort to explore alternative solutions, we thought of rescheduling the conference to the same period of 2021. However, as most of you know, 2021 was going to be the year of Invino Analytica Scientia (IVAS), the other biannual reference conference for the wine science community, which was going to take place in Neustadt.  After discussing with the IVAS 2021 organizing committee as well as with the IVAS permanent scientific committee, we are pleased to inform that the next Macrowine edition will be held in Verona in June 21-23 2021, whereas IVAS will take place in Neustadt in 2022.
We are very grateful to the colleagues in the IVAS committees and particularly to the IVAS 2021 organizing committee, who were all very  positive at the idea of finding a shared solution. It is a strong effort on behalf of all the stakeholders to keep together the wine science community and respond properly to the worldwide crisis due to COVID-19. We hope that the interventions that are progressively being implemented everywhere, along with the work of medical teams and researchers around the world, will push us soon out of this very critical situation.
Look forward to seeing all of you in Verona in 2021

  Maurizio Ugliano Luca Rolle Fulvio Mattivi

Macrowine 2020


Dear Participant,
the Arena of Verona Foundation and the Municipal District of Verona accepted our request to give to all Participants of the 8th International Macrowine Conference on macromolecules and secondary metabolites of grapevine and wine - Verona (Italy), June 22-24, 2020 the opportunity to buy the Arena Opera Tickets at special prices agreed upon with the University of Verona.

This special offer is valid ONLY for the following dates and Operas:

AIDA on June 25th

The prices are the following:

  • € 14,00 for Unnumbered positions in which the seats are the stone steps (right & left side)
  • € 21,00 for Sector 5 Numbered seat on the steps (light blue sits on the top on the map)
  • € 47,00 for Numbered seat on the steps (green seats on the map)

To benefit of this special offer, you must:

  • buy the tickets some days earlier ONLY to the Ticket Office - Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6/b - Verona (nearby the Arena theatre, in the heart of Verona city centre) Tel. 0039 045596517 - Ticket Office timetable: during Operas days: 10.00 – 21.00, other days: 10.00 – 17.45
  • show the Conference badge at the Ticket Office with reference to the special prices agreed upon with the University of Verona. PLEASE NOTE: every badge = 1 ticket; the Conference badge will be given at the registration desk
  • IMPORTANT: If you wish to take part to the Opera please send an email to in order to get a temporary pdf badge
  • this offer is not available for online tickets

The complete calendar and timetable of the Arena Operas and all useful information are available online at


In order to better choose your seat please check the map on the website:


For more information please contact