Macrowine 2021

Macrowine 2021


Dear Colleagues,
Macrowine 2021 will take place in June 23-30 2021, held in virtual mode.

As you all know, this edition of Macrowine was originally foreseen in presence in Verona, in June 2020. In addition to an outstanding scientific program, the event was offering a beautiful location and a fantastic experience of culture, history, traditional food, as well as unforgettable wine tastings.
Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic forced us to first postpone the congress to 2021, and finally to switch it to virtual mode. We really regret not having been allowed to host the Macrowine community at our best, but we are now working to turn this drawback into an opportunity to experiment a new model of scientific congress.
The program of Macrowine 2021 virtual congress will feature a mix of pre-recorded contributions, live presentations and interactive roundtables, with the aim of exploiting the potentialities of the virtual environment, with less time restrictions and increased possibility to reach a broader audience.

Confident to provide a high quality experience to all participants, we welcome all of you at Macrowine 2021.

Prof. Maurizio Ugliano
University of Verona
Prof. Fulvio Mattivi
Fondazione Edmund Mach
Prof. Luca Rolle
University of Turin